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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bad Experiences with Citybank..!

I had some (?) bad experiences with Citibank just wanted let me know if you agree, or if you have some things to add to it. As you people know that I had a couple of vacations I spent almost all of my money over there just approx 6000 was left in my account. I knew that as I gave ECS to citi credit cards and their date is 20 so they are gonna deduct that amount from my account, I expected that amount to be slightly less then the mount in my bank, to complicate the matters I already gave a check of 666 to airtel that they were gonna put on 20(I had one very bad experience with airetel as well but I will talk about it in the next blog), off course I did not wanted my check to bounce so I called citi bank to confirm how much amount exactly I have in my account and how much city cards is gonna deduct I did not have my TPIN so I verified my DOB,  Billing address & last few transactions he gave me all the information, Done…! Then after some time I thought of an idea that I don’t I make a stop payment on the check so I again called citi bank and asked him about the check number I gave to airtel ….SURPRIZE  !! he says  he can not disclose the personal information, imagine how idiotic is that just in the previous call he told me how much money I have in my account, how much citi cards is gonna deduct..! I asked him what is the definition of personal information and one more SURPRIZE ..he disconnected the call… gosh this is really impossible to believe …. Then I again called and asked him to give me my HPIN(personal identification number to access the Hinternet(;))) he said that can not be given unless I have TPIN !! so the procedure is first request for TPIN then use TPIN to call customer support then they will take a request for HPIN ..

You know something I bet they like to complicate things… !!!.


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