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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Now what's this ..? think of brrreeeport as a new kind of experiment , to compare search engines and more importantly to see the power of blogosphere! Maybe I am late(3 months 5 days 23 hrs and 27 minutes to be exact ) in joining but better late than never.
The only advantage of being late is now I have more data that can be used for a basic analysis, although an advanced analysis will need more data ..but IMHO it will be better to reinforce "brrreeeport" , after every few posts ..are you reading me Scoble ?
So the current data is .
Google Web Search 112000
Google Blog Search 1628
Technorati Search 2408
Yahoo Search 63300
MSN Search 13723
Windows Live Search 18830
Windows Live Feed Search 461
And needless to add I am blogging using Office 2007 Cool Blog Featureā€¦ hey Scoble which editor do you use ..? also as an FYI i am adding this to all of my blogs..in case you don't know its:


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