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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Maybe this week is not good for me

So question is why ? can we actually blame a week for something going wrong ..? well that’s a philosophical question and I am no philosopher .. but what I understand from the human mentality is we tend to release our pain..problems ..issue..and everything bad that happens to us by blaming somebody. It could be some other human being, a specific day a specific month, a specific week , god or anything and everything.

So all said and done..today is the week's turn..! this week I got stuck in many cases.. at places where I never did before, met with an accident, one of my friends had a broke up, one of my friends ran from home, and his boyfriend is not ready to marry at this point of time as he is planning to move to London. Then one of my newest friends was fired from her job, where she was working since 2-3 years.

Last but not the least today my onenote 2007's blogthis feature stopped working magically, then when we had a debugging session, finally came to know that somehow word 2003 overrode some of the word 2007 features, so the basic problem here was I am running an almost not recommended configuration. Then i had to pull the old rabbit out of the hat, that is go to add-remove programs , select office 2007 select change, select add-remove, don’t change anything and say next. It will redo the configurations, whew done.

I don't know why life doesn't have registry so that we can hack it to makes things work.. good concept isn't it..?


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