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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Strange Times..

What do you call a strange time..? I can tell you my definition because I am going through ..the basic reason is something I know but unfortunately cannot post here because my blog readers are known's and unknown's. I don't have issues sharing everything ( well almost ..everything) . but ofcourse I cannot share everything with known's , did you ever feel the same things in your life..? it's strange.. when you are ready to share anything and everything with the world but not with the people you know..

My schedule ..my day is going haywire..can you believe I am generally in office for more than 38 hrs generally ..? then even if I go home..(the so called..my definition of home is simple ..a place where somebody is waiting for you ..and this doesn't happen in my home ) I will be doing something like mabe watching TV for some time..if possible I will take a rest for around 1 hrs 20 mins or 30 mins at most, will take bath and then will be back in the office..etc. in office after my job if I sleep ..it's so relaxing that I sleep for no less then 12 hrs..today was a weekend and I was sleeping in my office and I slept for 19 hrs.. hehe


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